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“FIMM is a unique festival that brings together top musicians from around the world, in an amazing setting that is Marvão, and with a particular touch of intimacy and friendship”



“For 10 days, every summer, the musical universe descends to the top of the Magic Mountain of Marvão, in Portugal”




Launched in 2017, the Patrons Circle is open to passionate individuals who wish to contribute in a meaningful way to the flourishing of the Festival and Marvão.

Through joining the Patrons Circle, you will help FIMM to become one of the leading classical music Festivals in the world, a symbol of pride for Portugal, and a beacon of understanding, beauty and multi-national cooperation through the Arts.

In return for your support, you will enjoy unparalleled access to the artists behind the Festival, as well as unique insights into the Festival’s future plans. Membership starts from €500 per year.


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“The idea comes to me from outside of me – and is like a gift. I then take the idea and make it my own – that is where the skill lies.”


That’s what Johannes Brahms once quoted, and we invite you to listen to these amazing skills that led to his beautiful music we have on our 2022 program. From 22 until 31 July, we will have nearly 40 concerts and other events, and among various orchestra/choir and other chamber music concerts, we are planning a series of the complete chamber music by Johannes Brahms in chronological order – a project which will be an unforgettable event for music lovers.


Why supporting the festival as a Patron?

Each Festival is the result of enormous amounts of passion, dedication and hard work – but it can only thrive through securing a stable financial future. That’s why we are happy and immensely grateful to have passionate individuals in our Patrons Circle who wish to contribute in a meaningful way to the flourishing of the Festival and Marvão. They are helping FIMM to become one of the leading classical music Festivals in the world, a symbol of pride for Portugal, and a beacon of understanding, beauty and multi-national cooperation through the Arts.


What’s new this year?

Over the last months, we have been updating the Patrons formulas based on the feedback, needs and expectations of different people:

• From this year on, we will have Festival experiences included, as from Sao Tiago formula. These are unique moments to connect with the local community and discover their products and services in a special way. The region has many wonderful things to offer and you will be able to explore them as a Patron!

• Taken into account that some attendees are not able to stay for to the full Festival, but are super supportive to its unique and beautiful character, we have designed a Sao Tiago weekend formula for 2 persons. People interested in this formula can select to join either the first weekend (Friday 22 July – Sunday 24 July) or the second weekend (Friday 29 July – Sunday 31 July).

• For the Patrons that sign up for Espirito Santo formula and onwards, we are really excited to have them with us for the Musical Dinner, taking place on 21 July in the amazing Torre de Palma Wine Hotel. Seats for this exclusive dinner are guaranteed for our Patrons in this formula!


What’s next, how to become a Patron?

I hope the festival can count on your presence this summer, and on your support as a Patron.
Have a look at the specific benefits of each formula, and let us know what formula you would like to sign up for this year!
This can be done by filling up the new online subscription form.

To be sure that we can guarantee your privileged seats during the Festival, that you receive our communications, news about the Festival or be invited to any related event, we would appreciate to receive your preference and payment by March, when we will open the public ticket sales to the Festival.

If you sign up by March, we are happy to welcome you with one of these wonderful gifts:

• For Sao Tiago formulas, spice up your cooking and salads with an excellent olive oil for our local producers!
• For Espirito Santo and Nossa Sra. Da Estrela formulas, we provide you with a nice gift set, including some fantastic wine, to toast together on music!


The more the merrier

We would be happy to welcome not only you but also your family & friends, so we can extend our Circle with more music lovers. It is true that we are looking for more patrons so our festival can become more sustainable, and we can enjoy it together for many many years to come. Feel free to share the brochure with your network, or pass the contacts to us, and we will be happy to reach out to them!


Useful links

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Anne-Sophie and Pierre Gurdjian-de Waegh & friends


Herdis & Gerd P. Paukner


Rita Blumenthal & Dr. Dierk Stemmler
Dr. Christa & Christian Ratjen
Gabriela Haffner & Götz Bierling
Marie-Jo Schmitt
Rosemarie Keller & Götz Hartmann
Cláudia & Miguel Villax
Carel & Marie-Louise Oosterloo
Felix Mauser
Fredun Mazaheri & Tatjana Ruge


Steven Braekeveldt
Deborah Harris
André Almeida Andrade
Bert & Katrien Van Rillaer-Buys
Margrit Stickelberger & Hansjuergen Warnecke
Isabelle Fischer
Luci Eyers
Simon Eyers
Anna Duhnkrack-Schleicher
Inge & Harald Bardenhagen
Anna & Franz von Roenne
Terry Hamill
Luís Pedro Duarte


Hildegart Börner & Oliver Börner-Hack
Hubertus Carls & Greti Kompatscher
Sylvie Gauthey & Peter Boerner
Karl Hermann Baum
Susanne Fromme & Dr. Winfried Heinen
Susanna Tocca
Anne van den Bergh
Susanne Weber-Mosdorf

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