About Marvão

The village of Marvão dominates the landscape from the top of an 800 meter high rocky cliff.

A huge defensive structure of walls and bastions embraces Marvão granting it the uniqueness of a medieval village. Built for defensive reasons, it is the only Portuguese fort that maintained its strategic value well into to the nineteenth century, presenting a rich historical and military heritage. As part of the first defensive line of the Portuguese territory, Marvão participated in all national wars against external enemies.

Lying in the heart of the Natural Park of Serra de São Mamede, barely untouched by the human presence, it offers an important set of natural habitats. The geological diversity of granite, limestone and quartz combined with the altitude and orientation of the area, give rise to the existence of various microclimates which are home to varied fauna and flora.

The many rural roads that crisscross the municipality of Marvão, offer excellent opportunities for walking, cycling or horse riding.

“In the valley to the south of the Castle, the ruins of the Roman city of Ammaia
and its museum are well worth a visit.”

From the old bridge crossing the river Sever you can contemplate the surrounding landscape, a pool and river beach, as well as enjoying a good meal at open air.
Out of the excellent regional cuisine, we could recommend goat, lamb, pork and game dishes. From the deserts category: apple boleimas, fintos cakes, rice pudding, escalfados, rosquilhas and an endless variety of sweets made with chestnuts. The local municipality organizes gastronomic events dedicated to seasonal products throughout the year, but the biggest attraction is the annual Chestnut Fair, every second weekend of November. Various other initiatives are present at these Gastronomic Fairs, from cultural events to the degustation and selling of honey, liqueurs and dried fruit.

We entice you with a handful of tempting offers because Marvão is authentic and is not meant to be just an article you read through, or a picture you glance at. Live the experience at your own pace and rhythm. The rest is up to you and depends very much where your senses lead you!

To find out more about the cultural and gastronomic life of Marvão

visit the website of the Marvão Municipality.

Plan your visit

39º24’29” N 7º 23’33”W

Daily buses


Rede Expressos

Once in Marvão, go to the Tourist Office where you will find all the information you need. We recommend buying the book “Marvão – Territory – Products – Activities”, which explains the history of the county and might be the most thrilling starting point to your new adventure!

What to bring

Marvão can be quite hot in the day but with cold nights, we recommend to anyone who will watch the concerts that bring hats for the sun, range, comfortable shoes, sweaters or shawls.

Where to stay

In the village Download PDF
In the county Download PDF

Where to eat

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What to do

Tours in the Natural Park
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Tours in the municipality of Marvão
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Visit the Roman city Ammaia
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Mountain biking activities
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Fluvial Beach and Pools
Pool and Beach of Portagem
Pool of Portagem and Castelo de Vide
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Must-see points
Marvão Castle, Museum, Convent of Nossa Senhora da Estrela, Manuelino Cruise, Ruins of Roman City of Ammaia, Caleiras de Escusa, Shack recovered in the village of Cabeçudos.
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Visit an olive oil press museum
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Horse riding
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Guided tours
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Tours in Alto Alentejo in vintage cars
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Radical activities
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Water Mill
Discover a water mill and its flour!
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Adopt an Olive Tree
Adopt a Portuguese Ancestral Organic Olive Tree Azeitona Verde
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Sculpture Atelier
Maria Leal da Costa
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Tapeçarias de Portalegre
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Useful Contacts

Useful Contacts

Medical Emergency 112

Tourist Office of Marvão 245 909 131

District Hospital Dr. José Maria Grande 245 331 000

Marvão fire department 245 920 135 | 6


Santo António das Areias 245 993 617


Beirã 245 992 265

Galegos 245 964 231

Marvão 245909002 / 965065819

Portagem 245 993 233

Santo António das Areias 245 992 141

S. Salvador da Aramenha 245 993 171

Pharmaceutical posts

Marvão 245 993 383

Santo António das Areias 245 992 237

Porto da Espada 245 964 113

Public Transportation

Belos in Santo António das Areias 245 992 105
Belos in Portagem 245 993 523

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