Mission and values

Friendship and Cooperation between people

Since the Neolithic era, Marvão has always been a place where different populations, cultures and religions met, interacted and cooperated. At different times in history, it witnessed the exodus of Celts, Romans and Jews as they fled from Spain.
This same principle is a cornerstone of the festival, with particular emphasis on the revival of these same principles, our mission being – friendship and cooperation between different nations.


Musicians of the highest artistic level performed in previous editions. The Gulbenkian Orchestra and outstanding musicians from the four corners of the planet exceeded all the expectations of the audience.
Quality became another of our core values and this,​​ launched the festival in the panorama of classical music in Portugal and the world over. Through a program of quality and selection of unique musicians, we intend to attract classical music lovers, both in Europe and round the world. We also intend to cater for and welcome a different kind of audience; whole families and young people, giving our contribution for the musical education of a new generation.
Quality will always be at the core of future events.

"Music is a binding expression between us and the heavens.
May we all benefit communicating thus in such a magical place!"

Artistic Diretor of FIMM

A Festival for All

Our aim is creating a festival which overreaches entertainment for only a few. In order to achieve this, we plan on connecting different musical styles in perfect harmony. Classical music can join hands with the Portuguese “fado” and spontaneous soul music. The above can, in turn, be associated with dance, the visual arts or other artistic forms of expression. There is scope for endless creativity. Open to these many diverse possibilities at both ends of the spectrum, artists and audience, the festival offers new experiences and a deeper personal and informal interaction. This added value gives the event a unique emotional aura.

Preservation of cultural identity, architectural and natural heritage of the region

Holding a festival with these characteristics, away from renowned areas, we intend to show the world that Portugal is not limited to Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve. There is far more to experience and explore in a region so charged with traditions. We must strive to maintain these as they are the true reflection of our identity. Holding a high quality Musical Festival in Marvão promotes this whole region contributing towards growth and prosperity in a sustainable fashion.

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