«Marvão Music” Association is a non-profit organization responsible for promoting Marvão International Music Festival, the largest classical music festival in Portugal.

The success of this special Festival, which annually brings around 300 artists from around the world to Marvão – a small medieval village with less than 100 inhabitants –, for about 40 concerts and other events, depends entirely on the support and the collaboration of hundreds of individuals based in Portugal and abroad, who, throughout the year, contribute to FIMM in many different ways: financially, promoting our activities, developing partnerships, working together in little and in bigger tasks.

However, it is during the Festival that we mostly need all the help that we can get.

We need your help as a FIMM volunteer to:

  • Support the Organization in the development of FIMM;
  • Accompany the artists participating in FIMM;
  • Aid the viewers, providing information when requested;
  • Contribute to ensure a correct flow of spectators;
  • Collaborate in the logistical and operational organization of the Festival.

Tasks (examples):

  • Audience count;
  • Sales of tickets;
  • Control of entrances on venues and events;
  • Transport of materials;
  • Production support;
  • Transport support (driving license required);
  • Conducting surveys;
  • Prevent unauthorized entries and prevent inappropriate conducts;
  • Other pertinent tasks.



  • Persons over 18 years of age;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Sense of responsibility;
  • Taste for classical music;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Good teamwork skills;
  • Empathy with the values and mission of FIMM;
  • Availability to work under flexible shifts.



As a symbolic retribution, FIMM is committed to support the participation of volunteers with:

  • Meals – two meals per day (lunch and dinner), at FIMM canteen;
  • Accommodation – provision of an adequate housing solution;
  • Cost Assistance – allocation of a daily value of 20 euros (per diem), regardless of the duration of the volunteer’s collaboration;
  • Networking – possibility to contact with artists and various national and international entities involved in the organization of the largest classical music festival held in Portugal;
  • Curriculum – all participants will be given a certificate of participation, indicating their performance and evaluation, for the purpose of curricular enrichment;
  • Free transit – possibility of attending, free of charge, all the FIMM concerts and events, as long as it does not overlap with the tasks to be performed within the scope of the voluntary agreement.


Apply now and welcome to Marvão!


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